Garage Door Installations

When you think of a new garage door -think two things: safety and Aesthetics. 1st Garage Doors install garage doors from leading brands, including Amarr, Wayne Dalton and others. Our doors come with a variety of finishes, colors and options.Our automatic garage doors and frames are designed for safety and accustomed to high-security and multi-point locking, for best protection against burglaries.

Call our team of experts now, for any garage door problems, or to buy a high quality, affordable new garage door. Automatic doors have a great safety feature in that if something blocks the path of a closing door, the door will stop closing and go back to opening. This feature is great if your kid is somehow playing with your garage door opener while you're backing your car out of the garage, but if someone with malicious intent puts something in the garage door's path as it closes, the door will automatically open, leaving it ripe for intrusion. Though this is more difficult to pull off without someone noticing, it's still possible. Lastly, manual garage doors generally require a key for entry, something that would be difficult for an unsavory character to obtain.

Your installation instructions will probably vary, but the basics generally go something like this:

  • Attach the flag bracket and horizontal angle, and connect them to the jamb.
  • Connect the torsion tubs and the springs, and place them in each bracket.
  • After measuring the length of release of the spring, tighten the screws to the torsion tube.
  • Secure the left side drum, and then the right side drum.
  • Attach the tube retainer and wind the spring

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